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A Child's Right

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October 30, 2008


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Stacy Haskell (rose)

I strongly disbelieve that children have rights . My exhusband and i have what is suppose to be 50 50 joint coustody and its not that way. He walked out and abandon me and our children with little food and little heat. The house was in his parents name so they evicted me .I had nowhere to go besides my mothers witch is a 1 bedroom home .I had my children ,my exhusband went got a lawyer and got physical custody untill divorce . I was a stay at home mother whom had no job .no car he left me out in the country with no vehicle to get anywhere with my children and because i couldnt afford a lawyer i had to agree to 50 50 joint custody .Its been almost 3 yrs and iam still fighting with there father. He and his girlfriend keep saying bad things about me infront of the kids. Also my children call crying all the time wanting to come with me and life . What am i suppose to do .My exhusband is not seeing how much hes hurting the kids and i have been to the court and called several times nothing seems to matter i feel like my rights as long with my childrens have been taking away.

Ms. Haskell, we are sorry to read that you are having problems. We are not lawyers so we can not give legal advice but will give you our opinion. We believe that children have the right to spend as much time as possible with both of their fit and willing parents. Usually this means equal time with both parents so we can not recommend that you continue to "fight" with your ex over custody. We do recommend that you tell your children that they have the right to love and care for both of their parents and that you request that your ex not use the children to fight. It might be wise to request that your ex and you attend some type of therapist paid for by both of you so that you can work these issues out. If these steps do not work then you have to see if you can find a third person who is in contact with your ex to help bring the fighting to an end prior to going to court with a lawyer motioning for an ordered therapist.

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