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A Child's Right

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November 02, 2008


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Darrick Scott-Farnsworth

Maybe we should recommend that DART be boycotted by all citizens concerned about equal treatment.


Whoever wrote this article doesn't have too much of a clue of what they are talking about. It mentions false allegation claims but there are no studies that prove this happens, none at all. The largest study, a Canadian one found that 98% of all abuse allegation cases were fundamentally sound. An American study found that of all allegations that are 'likely' to be false the largest percentage were those done by men! The facts of the matter are that the little girl depicted in the ad is FAR MORE LIKELY to be killed by a future husband than if she were a little boy, and the little boy is FAR MORE LIKELY to become an abuser than if he was a little girl. Do women abuse men? Of course they do, but the number is such a minority that groups should be complaining about mis-spent funds if organisations ploughed all their money into the smallest minority of cases where women are abusers. Most people hang on to the myth that DV is 50/50 because they read a report that talks about Common Couple Conflict, this is actually, extremely common. But the power, domination and coercion tactics that are used by men against women are the one's that lead to murder. The statistical facts cannot be escaped from. Men are serious abusers and killers in 82% - 95% of cases, and for some bizarre reason when they decide they want to kill themselves, they decide their whole family should go with them too. When women use violence, about 95% of the time it is in response to male violence against them.

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