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A Child's Right

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March 06, 2009


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Darrick Scott-Farnsworth

Dear Supporters,
From Mississippi to Kansas to Massachusetts to California and to Yes you
guessed Down Under Australia. We made this budget today! Thank You!
On top of that we have 2 more opportunities open up for festival submissions
that we will be submitting to. We will keep you posted as things develop.
I am honored and very happy to tell all of you that the goal and funds were
raised as of late afternoon yesterday and some this morning. We received
$1,000 dollars from the NCFM, and the Fathers 4 Justice F4J Los Angeles to complete the amount we needed today to make this happen and get the needful completed DVDs out to the festival (s) next week. We will be editing Monday evening. I am lost for words at all the support that came pouring in for us. Not just the funding just honest heart felt support from people that want to see this project come out.
Total Raised $2,895.00......................YOU ALL MADE IT
happen.................... now I will do my part. Thank You!!

Unfortunately, there is also the NEGATIVE ones that have just started
bashing me and questioning my intentions to this project and etc... All I
can say is that the last 4 years have been so difficult not only for me but
also for my family and friends who, even though believe in what I am doing
and support me, I know have a hard time because this is all I have tried to
do is get out to a trust worthy distribution that will play it.
At the bottom you will see a list of Special Thanks for the help we have
gotten. To all those that I will not name here its because... sad to
say.... I don't want you to be emailed, called, harassed or attacked for
helping me or this film. (crazy isn't it)

Beware Bogus documentary: I just wanted to address this and some other
things that came up.
The problem is REAL! The people are REAL! The film can be called a Full
Feature movie, Film, Docu feature, Movie, video, clips, or what ever else
you want to call it. It exists there is a DVD cover, there are trailers,
there are clips, there are tears there is laughter, there is animation,
there archive videos, judges, attorneys, woman and men, non-custodial and
custodial parents. If you want to know after 220 hours or so of footage, it
is at 72 minutes Total Run time which is (my understanding) industry
standard for a MOVIE to be shown theatrically which we have done and this
week we will be putting together the final touches to make as many festivals
including the Atlanta one (dates to be announced) and then looking forward
to the next of goal of qualifying for the Academy. (we have to try it)

I tried to answer below the best I can.
* He does not answer his emails
Sometimes emails do get lost into junk mail, I do my best to answer all the
emails if I can however most of the emails are new stories and cases that we
do hold to answer at a later date for the future.
* He does not disclose his contact info, or the name of the festival
My email is disclosed and to those people that have contacted me for the
last 4 years you should have it if you don't you can always go to and usually someone will get back to you within 48 hours or so. As per festivals we have submitted to dozens in the last 2 years those are behind us we look forward to this year. We disclose them unless we are accepted. Thank you!
* We considered renting a theatre in Seattle to show this, and were
willing to pay for it, but we needed either a DVD or a streaming preview of
the movie, before we put up our hard earned money, and he doesn't want to
play. He fell silent when we said we want to peek, before we pay.
Yes this is true, I really don't remember if it was Settle or which state.
We are contacted a lot about screeners and the ones we have done I showed up for, however, it could have fell at a bad time for us. Please NOTE and remember we have changed this film many times to get a MOVIE that will play and be able to show. We are glad many times because it just wasn't ready.
If you want to see our track record you can go to our website we have
screened a few times and the people that put up the funds were NOT
disappointed with the film there was a lot of sharing after and opened minds
("I never knew that was happening to people". If you want to see a Sneak
Peak I would be happy to send you one or you can see the trailers on our
website and so on line. At times if we were going to change something NO
copies were going to go out. The cost for the screeners are on our website.
It will cost some money. The film is worth it. I don't charge for my time or
anything but I like to be there to see things through and get feedback so
that's why we just don't send out DVDs until we get it qualified, to
festivals and then released. Thank you.
In many cases we only sent the copies to festivals or distributors. As we
are doing next week we keep trying.
* He is clearly not a businessman, does not conduct himself in a
business like manner, and if, indeed, he is a brilliant cinemetographer, and
documentaries, then he needs to get a volunteer business person and / or
promoter to work with him.
I'm not perfect just an upcoming filmmaker putting out a new film that
hopefully will make a change and reform so people don't die. Our TEAM,
however, has done a FANTASTIC job putting this film together and they are
professionals that is a FACT. People have volunteered their time since last
year for FREE until now that is a FACT.
The truth is I can't do this for a living. There is NO money doing this as
many of you know. If I was getting a salary I would have got this out a
long time ago, I'm just a guy who was doing some acting gigs, saw an
injustice ,wrote out an idea , sold everything I could (or had left) bought
a $5k camera and went outside the court house to film that injustice and
presto...... Support? System Down . I was in a
totally different arena before this and didn't have a clue except what was
happening to people and families was wrong. I never thought about marketing funds and have put not only ALL of my own money into this but also along with everyone we have come across al lot of hearts.
Volunteer and business'm sorry but everybody I have
brought aboard as a volunteer is fired up the first 2 weeks and then when
they ask for pay...oops....out the door.....thank you no thanks I have to
find a real job. Or I have been told a dozen times you will never get this
off the ground ,it will sit on shelves huh???...We keep moving and begging
and moving...stretching and screening where we can.... 1 step forward 3
steps back.......................... Please understand we are not Hollywood
nor have the budget to release like Hollywood! Thank you for understanding.

I have told him all of the above, and he did not reply to that either.
Yes sir, You probably have told me and many others have and believe me I
have tried my friend. I appreciate you and I thank you. When the movie does get to you I hope you like it. We are doing the best we can and we are glad we haven't put the final product out until this year because it really got
better and hits home( we feel anyway and some of others that have seen it)
God Bless.
Thanks again for believing in me. I will be working the next 5 days thank
you. Angelo



SPECIAL THANKS TO THESE ORGANIZATIONS AND TO ALL of those who supported and continue to support this project. THANK YOU!

For donating $1,000 to help the film meet the goal today!!
NCFM For their contribution
for their help and support.
American Coalition for Fathers and Children
For their contribution.
The greatest joy in life is being a dad

For their contribution and support.

For their help and support.

For his help and support.

Shelly Barreras for her generous contributions and continued support.

GET YOUR JUSTICE LIVE! Every Wednesday and Sunday Night Live at 8PM EST

Get Your Justice Live For helping us.
Liberal Arts Radio for the help and support.

SUPPORT? system down
website :
FaceBook: Supportthemovie

David Scott

Thank you for this Article. Fathers’ right to be a meaningful part of their childrens’ lives, have been eroded to the point of non-existence. My research suggests that this is a phenomenon consistent throughout the industrialized nations. Children who are alienated from their fathers are more likely later in life to have emotional/behavioral problems, suffer from depression, drop out of school, fail in their jobs, and suffer from other social problems. I invite you to visit my site devoted to raising awareness on this growing problem:

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