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A Child's Right

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July 27, 2010


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Darrick Scott-Farnsworth

Voters: You need to get involved in the primary or face having a poor choice this fall in the general election. I am going to vote for Mr. Fabiano for Michigan’s 87th House District (Ionia and Barry County) GOP primary and am planning on helping with his campaign this week with phone calls in the evening and probably door-to-door this weekend if possible. Mr. Fabiano has assured me of his support of Equal Parenting and I have been told that Mr. Bremer supports it too. I like what Mr. Fabiano is for and am worried about Mr. Bremer’s gun registration idea and focus on “green” government initiatives . Based on Mr. Callton’s stated opposition of Equal Parenting Rights I cannot support his candidacy at all. Mr. Callton does not even bother to take any real position’s on his site which I find a bit arrogant if not lazy.


Darrick Scott-Farnsworth

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