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A Child's Right


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PJ Stewart

A message to all members of Children Need Both Parents Friends and others, It is with an extremely sad heart that we announce Minister Ronald E. Smith passed away on September 5, 2008 from a massive heart attack. Minister Smith was not only the Founder of Children Need Both Parents, an author, and an advocate but also a proud parent. We are all still recovering from this unexpected news. However, a message from the family will be posted very shortly.Visit Children Need Both Parents at:

Paul James Ordway

I am now facing a year in jail because I did not completely follow the restraining order against me, even though I did not threaten my ex in any way. The VAWA is another example of a good idea being turned into a weapon against law-abiding citizens with laws that are overly restrictive, vindictive and not subject to due-process of the law. I wish persons be they women, grandparents, children or men being injured by this law to write and begin a war to reform the VAWA.

Paul James Ordway

Bryan J Carlough

We need you help.
Please contact me at 562.599.9179
We need help.
Custody battle child being neglected.
1st time case like this ever.
Adoption fraud case.
Need help adopted father screaming adoption fraud.
Wants to give child to bio dad because child is being abused and negelected by bio mom.
Bio dad wants child.
Delaware law against parties involved.
Help. need Help

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