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A Child's Right


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renee Guzman

I read this website in hope one day someone fights and changes the law for aunts uncle & grandparents. my brother died 3 years ago and I have not seen his son since that time. I pray just to visit with him once a month, but the courts have no law for us to even fight for that right. I believe that we must do whats best for the child. And life with out grandparents, aunts, cousins, and uncles can not be good for a child, when they known them for 10 years and now their gone.

Elisabeth Enrriquez

Hi, I just found this site. I myself am a mother of 2 wonderful little boys that haven't seen me in pretty much two years! They were taken from me over a DVO that my mother-in-law had gotten against me. I went to court and agreed to stay away from her and unknown to me MY CHILDREN were on her petition asking for emergency custody and child support. This was never brought up in court so, when the judge asked me if I could agree to stay away from the woman and I said said yes...I agreed to stay away from my babies!!!!! I had my children in my custody for a yr after court until a dispute came about and the police were called. My children were taken from me that day! According to the DVO i wasn't supposed to have them. I am not aware of all my rights and I don't have money for an attorney. As time has gone on, my children haven't been able to have contact with one another either. I think they have seen each other 2 times and spoke a handful of times on the phone. I could use some advice here if anyone can help...

John Langlois

This is a great site.

My daughter, Tori Langlois,has been the repeated victim of child neglect due to her mother, Connie Langlois', chronic abuse of alcohol. This is a story of sexual bias and abuse of power by the Oakland County Family Court. I am out of resources and can no longer fight to protect Tori on his own.

In November of 2006, Tori expressed concerns regarding her mother, Connie Langlois' drinking and driving and alcohol abuse in their home to her teacher, Donna Murphy. Tori's school, Our Lady of Refuge, then contacted Child Protective Services (CPS) and John Langlois filed a motion with the Oakland County Family Court. CPS did not feel there was a problem. The Oakland County Family Court then punished Tori for asking for help and removed her father from her daily life.

Connie Langlois, Tori's mother, was then found guilty of child neglect twice by Child Protective Services. In addition, Tori was exposed, on an almost daily basis, to the elder neglect of her Grandmother Ruth Helwig. All three of these incidents occurred after the initial allegations were made by Tori. Ruth Helwig recently passed away. Tori's cry for help has been summarily denied!

It seems that the Oakland County Family Court has in fact sponsored the neglect.
Lori Klein-Shapiro (FOC) Margaret Schiano (GAL), and Rosemary Mazurek (court therapist) are and have been aware of the above evidence yet remain fixed on the position that Tori and others were manipulated into thinking there was a problem.

Tori has had her father/protector removed from her life because he was trying to stop the neglect that was and is most likely still happening. John Langlois has been accused of manipulating Tori into believing that there was a problem in Connie Langlois' home!

This is a clear case of gender bias and abuse of power by the Oakland County Family Court!

Please visit and sign our guestbook.

Thanks for your support!!

Jon Meyer

Edmore, MI

Just heard of this site, GOOD JOB!

ken krajewski

I spread the shared parenting word everywhere i go,great job,we have a national network as parents to help each other with love compassion,and truth and justice.ken krajewski tolland ,ct

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